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University Affairs editorial team

Editor Michel Proulx joined University Affairs in March 2021.

Deputy Editor Natalie Samson joined in January 2014 as a digital journalist to boost our online content and manage social media. She became Senior Writer in 2016 and was then promoted to Deputy Editor in 2018.

Web Editor Tara Siebarth came on board in October 2009 to manage both our website and our coverage of academic careers.

Pascale Castonguay joined in February 2017 as a francophone writer/reviser. She contributes to enhance the French content of University Affairs.

Laura Beaulne-Stuebing is our digital journalist since August 2019. Her main tasks are preparing and scheduling the newsletters, as well as managing our social media accounts.

The rest of the team

  • Publisher: Philip Landon
  • Associate Publisher: Dick Seldenthuis
  • Graphic Designer: Judith Lacerte
  • Circulation and subscriptions: Appoline Kalonji
  • Invoicing: Oum Essalah Taoutaou
  • Advertising:
    • Career Ads (print and web) : Renée Mindus, Appoline Kalonji, Lorraine Lacroix
    • Web banner advertising : Glen Ashworth
    • Editorial display : Glen Ashworth
  • Translation: Geneviève Legault, Lydia Lalonde, Jessica Simoneau, Idem Traduction
  • Art Direction: Underline Studio

Other contributors
Our occasional contributors to University Affairs are too numerous to mention. Our regular contributors include:

  • Moira MacDonald
  • Diane Peters
  • Suzanne Bowness
  • Kerry Banks
  • Jean-François Venne
  • Catherine Courturier
  • Moira Farr
  • Pierre Blais

Since 2009, University Affairs has received:

  • Magazine of the Year honours, professional category, at the 2015 Kenneth R. Wilson Awards
  • Nineteen gold medals and seven silver medals in the Canadian Online Publishing Awards
  • Nine gold medals and six silver medals in the Kenneth R. Wilson Awards in business publishing
  • Two honorable mentions in the National Magazine Awards
  • An Award for Excellence in Education Journalism by the Canadian Association of University Teachers
  • An Editor of the Year citation (for Peggy Berkowitz) by the Professional Writers Association of Canada