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By LETITIA HENVILLE | October 14 2019

A six-step approach for doing the (seemingly) impossible task of applying reviewer feedback to your journal article.

By LETITIA HENVILLE | September 05 2019

Ineffective colour can make an otherwise compelling image incomprehensible.

By LETITIA HENVILLE | August 08 2019

The singular “they” and your power to choose as an academic writer.

By LETITIA HENVILLE | July 10 2019

There are many tools that measure readability scores, but few contexts in which they’re useful for academics.

By LETITIA HENVILLE | June 18 2019

The political and persuasive significance of being intentionally hard to understand.


How to immerse yourself in the linguistic world in which your readers live, write, and think.

By LETITIA HENVILLE | April 05 2019

When authoring together, be innovative in language and structure, but conform to convention as you submit your work to be published.

By LETITIA HENVILLE | March 01 2019

How three free algorithms can help you to edit efficiently.

By LETITIA HENVILLE | February 06 2019

Strategies to surprise and excite your audience.

By LETITIA HENVILLE | January 11 2019

The IMRAD, hourglass and inverted pyramid structures are all options you can use – it is up to you to find which works best for your article.

By LETITIA HENVILLE | December 07 2018

Your discipline and its conventions shape how you do research. How might they also shape your approach in the classroom?

By LETITIA HENVILLE | November 13 2018

Be conscious and deliberate with how you occupy the landscape of your writing.

By LETITIA HENVILLE | October 16 2018

Many academics are chronically sleep deprived. When you’re writing your most important documents, ensure your formatting makes it easy for tired brains to process your words.

By LETITIA HENVILLE | September 19 2018

When you can’t tell how to conjugate “to be,” your lay summary isn’t laying correctly.