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By SPARROW MCGOWAN | August 20 2019

The new network of regional centers of excellence comes on the heels of Canada’s first national accessibility law.


One program, Knowledge Makers, was recently recognized with the Alan Blizzard Award for excellence in teaching collaboration.

By WENDY GLAUSER | August 13 2019

Boosting the number of Indigenous medical students, bolstering Indigenous curriculum among measures promised.

By SHAUNA MCGINN | August 12 2019

“Typically in vet practice, the routine is to … check the boxes. I realized very quickly that that was not the way to go about it – it was about establishing a relationship first.”

By ANGELYN FRANCIS | August 07 2019

After decades of grassroots work by Black scholars, a few universities have started offering Black Canadian studies programs. Will it be enough to start reversing what one professor calls Canada’s “Black brain drain”?

By SALMA MAHGOUB | August 06 2019

Recent allegations of mismanagement have stained the reputations of several student unions across Canada.

By KERRY BANKS | July 30 2019

Canadian researchers offered a sneak peek of some of the results at Congress in Vancouver.

By TERRI COLES | July 23 2019

The university is the latest in Canada to rethink its stance on a name many find offensive.

By ANQI SHEN | July 08 2019

The centre, hosted by Ryerson University, has an ambitious mandate that includes funding and evaluating new approaches to skills development.


“For every individual person who disagrees with what I do, I have three people who support me,” says the philosophy student and linebacker at the University of Manitoba.


Mona Nemer is creating a new youth advisory council of people aged 18 to 30 from a range of backgrounds.

By DIANE PETERS | July 03 2019

Adaptations of the history scholar’s work take centre stage at the theatre festival.

By KERRY BANKS | July 01 2019

“We’ve named more new dinosaurs in the last 20 years than in the previous 150,” says one researcher.

By NATALIE SAMSON | June 25 2019

Library association releases statement clarifying this evolving role.

By ALLAN LYNCH | June 21 2019

Prolific academic, author and advocate Silver Donald Cameron will be the first to hold the three-year appointment.

By ROSELLA CHIBAMBO | June 18 2019

At a panel discussion at Congress, three academics reflect on the challenges facing universities.

By NATALIE SAMSON | June 17 2019

The team will race against military crews from seven other nations in a commemorative restaging of the King’s Cup held in 1919.

By NATALIE SAMSON | June 11 2019

The top three presentations at this year’s 3-Minute Thesis competition tackled chemotherapy, oil pipelines, and asphalt.

By TIM LOUGHEED | June 10 2019

Many journals publish research that is based on the treatment of wild animals that would never be allowed in a laboratory setting.

By TIM LOUGHEED | June 03 2019

Or so says David Naylor, if the country wants to fulfill the promise of the fundamental science review.